A Trespasser (from 孤鳥) resource from "孤鳥" You would not have believed what have happened on Wednesday; there was a black guy came out of our warehouse man’s restroom! Whenever I thought about this, even now, I can still feel my heart rate raced up. 節能燈具Let me tell you what have happened that day. It was probably around 11:30 A.M. on Wednesday morning. My mom and I were talking about something inside the office. Then suddenly we heard a little door-opening noise from the other room. At first I did 酒店經紀not think of anything, but just to make sure, I decided to walk to the warehouse for a little check up. I walked quietly and inspected the warehouse carefully; everything seemed normal and as I prepared to turn and walked back to the front, guess what happened? A 好房網 black guy walked out of the man’s restroom! Oh, my goodness! You would not have believed how surprised I was to see him; I startled and I think he did, too. I questioned him what he is doing there. He just answered: ” Couldn’t I wash my hand?”  I was amazed and thought:” 房屋買賣 What in the world is he thinking and talking about!”  By this time, my mom also walked into the warehouse since she has heard me talking to someone; I believed she was just as surprised as I was. I continued to ask that guy how he got in here. The reason I asked this question was because the 買房子re was no one opened the front door, because if there was, we would have heard the alarm bell. I know I must have raised my voice a little, at that time, he became a little upset and kept on telling me:” Why did you treat me like I am doing something wrong? Couldn’t I come to the store? Do you want me to buy som 信用貸款ething, is that it?”  “Geese! This guy got to be crazy! He was the one who trespasses other’s property and how dare he raise his voice at me!!”  I was all mad and asked him to leave. As he walked out, he was still complaining how I mistreated him! Then, at that time, two customers came in, so he walked away quickly. Af 建築設計ter he was gone, I checked everything, and it seemed nothing was missing. However, what I found out later was that guy actually had used our restroom because he did not flush the toilet. Then I told the two customers what have happened. They told me that I did not even need to talk to him at all; the only thing I need to do is to call the cop right away 酒店兼職. They even suggested us to get some pit bulls in the warehouse. Later that day, we decided to get an iron gate for our loading dock first because that was where he climbed over into our warehouse without our notice. I was thankful that the guy did not take any weapon out; otherwise, I could not imagine what will happen. Right now, because of this incident, we all become 烤肉食材 more alert and cautious. I think we will do whatever we can think of, but we will put the rest in God’s hands. I believe God is watching over us. Thank you Lord Jesus. http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!.6Dlqy6aFRsRaNa8IjFf9p35u6_LfUY-/article?mid=224&prev=225&next=210   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 術後面膜  .


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